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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
38057 openQA Tests gnucash 3.2 does not ask to save when nothing happened Resolved okurz Related to #38387
38048 openQA Tests Kubic: Adaption needed for control changes (no more partitioning) Resolved RBrownSUSE
36469 openQA Tests [opensuse][migration] Tumbleweed: Test upgrade path Leap 15.0 -> Tumbleweed Resolved leli Related to #46868, Related to #51824
36231 openQA Tests [microos] Kubic tests: repos pointing to Rejected
35482 openQA Tests Kubic: timezone is no longer fixed on UTC Rejected mkravec
34432 openQA Tests transactional_host_install_only non functional Resolved RBrownSUSE
34123 openQA Tests [kernel]wicked_basic: invalid bash syntax Resolved asmorodskyi openQA Project - Done
34009 openQA Tests Failure in yast2_samba: yast2 auth-server no longer exists Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #27457
32596 openQA Tests [functional]systemd networkd_init verifies presence of /var/lib/machines? Resolved dheidler openQA Project - Milestone 14
32326 openQA Tests zypper_moo: expected output no longer matches reality Rejected Is duplicate of #32302
31951 openQA Tests [kubic] Spectre V2 : LFENCE not serializing. Switching to generic retpoline Rejected RBrownSUSE
31948 openQA Tests kubic: transactional update tests fail Resolved mkravec
31921 openQA Tests [kernel][network]Wicked fails the newly added dhcp test on o3 Rejected openQA Project - Milestone 15 Related to #30892, Related to #31852
31312 openQA Tests test fails in filesystem_ro Resolved mkravec
31024 openQA Tests [tw] yast2_ntpclient: wrong shortcut pressed to toggle without_daemon Rejected
31021 openQA Tests test fails in yast2_dns_server - invalid bash syntax [rpduced Resolved dimstar
30817 openQA Tests sshd fails to enable/disable/configure firewall Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #28726
30628 openQA Tests [kubic][caasp]kubic/libstorage-ng adjustments needed Resolved RBrownSUSE
30559 openQA Tests [tw] yast2_partitioner post storage-ng: no warning? Resolved riafarov
30556 openQA Tests [tw] yast2_ntp needs new shortcut handling Closed
30544 openQA Tests [tw]yast2_gui/partitioner missed needles Resolved riafarov
30541 openQA Tests [tw][easy] test fails in partitioning_raid (lvm+raid) Resolved riafarov
30511 openQA Tests [TW] NET installer needs more than 1GB of RAM to succeed Resolved dimstar
30385 openQA Tests [opensuse][migration]TW/zdup: version_switch_upgrade_target fails, as variables are not prepared Rejected tinawang123 Related to #46868
30352 openQA Project Disk upload failures Resolved Related to #19544, Related to #17788
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