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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
56102 openQA Tests mdadm: pattern 1.5GiB not found (printed 1.51 GiB) Rejected Is duplicate of #56069
55919 openQA Tests [functional][u] check scheduling code: this scenario should show ntp_config_settings Resolved mgriessmeier SUSE QA - Milestone 27
55826 openQA Tests [opensuse] xfce does not show logout dialog on ctrl-alt-del Resolved dimstar
55688 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in snapper_create Resolved dheidler SUSE QA - Milestone 28
55682 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in mailserver_setup Resolved llzhao
55664 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fails in application_starts_on_login (opensuse-welcome) Resolved Related to #55661
55229 openQA Tests Kubic: select_role needs to scroll Resolved riafarov
55148 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in firewall_enabled Resolved dheidler
54821 openQA Tests New LibreOffice version: new 'Tip of the day' dialog Rejected Is duplicate of #54722
54428 openQA Tests [functional][u] long runtime of extra_test_in_textmode (~2h) Rejected SLindoMansilla Is duplicate of #47003
54425 openQA Tests [functional][u] hexchat: ctrl-a mis-interpreted as 'a' since we switched to QEMUVGA "std" Resolved dimstar SUSE QA - Milestone 28
54422 openQA Project [functional][u] LO recent documents: alt-f not working on wayland (TW) Resolved
54401 openQA Tests [functional][u][sporadic] test fails in firefox_audio - Workaround mistyping issue executing firefox on an audio file Resolved zluo
54056 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in virtman_view Resolved zluo Related to #55703
53993 openQA Tests [functional][u] Live Image boot: Switch to GRUB2 Resolved SLindoMansilla SUSE QA - Milestone 26
53795 openQA Tests [functional][u] oomath: frequent mistyping of the formula Resolved okurz Related to #46190
53744 openQA Tests test fails in hexchat Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #53750
53645 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in usr_sbin_smbd Resolved llzhao
53639 openQA Tests [functional][u][sporadic] test fails in tracker_search_in_nautilus (missing keys) Resolved zluo SUSE QA - Milestone 28 Related to #43889
53351 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fails in mate_terminal Resolved okurz
53288 openQA Tests [opensuse][kde] Upgrade popups confuse KDE Tests Resolved favogt
53117 openQA Tests [opensuse][kde] Dolphin quite frequently has trouble Resolved StefanBruens Has duplicate #53183
53057 openQA Tests test fails in nautilus_open_ftp Rejected
53054 openQA Tests Live_Install test not prepared for potential Updates in the TW:Update channel Resolved okurz
52400 openQA Tests test fails in dracut Resolved pstivanin
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