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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
88083 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp3]test fails in settings_toggle_profile_mode (needle mismatch) Resolved llzhao
91160 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp3]test fails in tls_389ds_sssd_client Resolved rfan1
89945 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp3]test fails in x3270_ssl (some inputs lost, due to perf issue?) Resolved bchou
102311 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4] enhance the test code to enable secureboot in Resolved rfan1
108941 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4] test fails in add_users Resolved llzhao
105509 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][88.4]test fails in usr_sbin_smbd - needle mismatch again? Resolved llzhao
106002 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][aarch64]test fails in aa_autodep Resolved rfan1
97175 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][aarch64]test fails in grub_authorization Resolved rfan1
108134 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][automation]Support NTLM authentication in the Unified Installer Resolved rfan1
106870 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][automationi]Add the keylime package (attestation) Resolved rfan1 Copied from #105738
102993 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] [pam_faillock] add coverage from sles15sp4 beta release Resolved Xiaojing_liu Has duplicate #96534
97793 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] Add key steps and tips for kvm tests Resolved rfan1
99324 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] change the cc test code path Resolved rfan1
97796 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] create L2 qcow2 image for nested virtualization test Resolved rfan1
101914 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] handle network difference for s390x compare to aarch64 and x86_64 on netfilter and netfilebt tests Resolved Xiaojing_liu Related to #102116
98781 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] Implement CC single node tests "cc_audit-test-part2" on all platforms Resolved rfan1
98156 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] implement netfilebt and netfilter test cases into sles15sp4 job group Resolved rfan1
98784 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] Implement netfitler/netfilebt tests on all platforms Resolved rfan1
98240 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] integrate individual test suite to one test case on openQA Resolved rfan1
99507 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC] test fails in netfilter, mm tests need change the code path as well Resolved rfan1
108938 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC][aarch64] test fails in kvm_check Resolved Xiaojing_liu
101027 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC][aarch64]test fails in setup_net_test_env timeout Resolved rfan1
101885 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC][manual] Implement audit-remote tests Resolved rfan1
104001 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC][polkit] enhance test code to handle '/usr/lib/polkit-1/polkit-agent-helper-1 to root:root 0755' Resolved rfan1
99096 openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp4][CC][s390x] handle "permit_root_ssh" login issue on s390x Resolved rfan1 Copied to #105564
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