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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
120805 openSUSE admin RedmineUP plugins — Black Fridays Sale Closed Related to #120528, Related to #120531
111677 openSUSE admin Decomission of unused machines In Progress crameleon
111674 openSUSE admin New machine for Nextcloud Rejected lrupp Related to #96458
106508 openQA Tests [opensuse][desktop][qe-core] provides vulnerable jquery-1.7.2.min.js Workable
102602 openSUSE admin anna|elsa, daffy1|daffy2: SSL/TLS: Deprecated TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 Protocol Detection Closed opensuse-admin
68657 openSUSE admin swish-e indexing broken because of wrong config permissions - monitoring needed? Closed lrupp
68512 openSUSE admin Adjust login.template pages to new layout Closed hellcp
67600 openSUSE admin IPv6 network migration Resolved cboltz 2020-06-30
67444 openSUSE admin IPv4 network renumbering of machines in Provo Resolved lrupp 2020-06-07
67435 openSUSE Marketing Nice and shiny 404 page In Progress hellcp
67195 openSUSE admin Wiki does not show news feed Closed cboltz
65810 openSUSE admin Update Redmine to stable, supported version Resolved tuanpembual
65807 openSUSE admin Check for unneeded VMs Closed lrupp 2020-06-09
63979 openSUSE admin UTF-8 problems with jekyll Resolved hellcp
62744 openSUSE Marketing Vote for openSUSE Resolved
62666 openQA Infrastructure Move into opensuse private network New QA - future
60479 openSUSE admin Cleanup openSUSE:Infrastructure project in OBS Closed lrupp
60419 openSUSE admin needs dist-upgrade Closed lrupp
59966 openSUSE admin DNS cleanup Closed lrupp
59942 openSUSE admin IRC bot does not sent monitoring notifications any longer Closed lrupp

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