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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
63589 openQA Tests [kernel][public cloud] Fix prepare_tools - azure-cli 2.22.0 has requirement idna<2.9,>=2.5, but you'll have idna 2.9 Resolved cfconrad QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
64144 openQA Tests [qac][public cloud] GCE upload fail with ResumableUploadAbortException Resolved cfconrad
64571 openQA Tests [kernel][public cloud][FLAVOR=~Azure][MACHINE=Standard_D8s_v3] Exceeding standardDSv3Family Cores quota Rejected cfconrad Is duplicate of #63208
64637 openQA Tests [qac][public cloud] Vault API run into timeout Resolved cfconrad
64643 openQA Tests [qac][public cloud] EC2-HVM-ARM image upload missing billing codes Resolved cfconrad Related to #64797
64782 openQA Tests [public cloud][kernel] GCE failed in upload_image Resolved cfconrad Related to #64797
66116 openQA Tests [qac][public cloud] Use VM id instead of name for Azure Resolved cfconrad
97208 openQA Tests test fails in prepare_test_data - timeout exceeded of downloading data directory Resolved cfconrad
100518 openQA Tests test fails in docker_image -- timeout on `docker start` hides softfail bsc#1187479 Resolved cfconrad
44654 openQA Project [tool] Summarize results in test details tab Resolved ilausuch Follows #36232
41768 openQA Tests DPDK on azure Rejected jlausuch
54962 openQA Tests [kernel][public cloud] Timeout on `img-proof --version` Closed jlausuch QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
39845 openQA Project Results of tests with very short duration (~<10s) are not displayed Resolved tinita openQA Project - Current Sprint Related to #58826
58826 openQA Project Result not rendered in detail view on short (e.g. <10s) test-modules, if job is still running Resolved tinita openQA Project - Current Sprint Related to #39845, Related to #90152
97214 openQA Tests test fails in cockpit_service Resolved ybonatakis
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