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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
107716 openSUSE admin Ruby version on jekyll too old Resolved hellcp
107704 openSUSE admin Expired certificate on Closed opensuse-admin
106838 openSUSE admin Expand the data partition for matrix New
102368 openSUSE admin Fix synapse collate and ctype in postgres for matrix database New
94189 openSUSE admin Matrix database wiped Resolved opensuse-admin
93686 openSUSE admin Postgres currently down Closed opensuse-admin
90824 openSUSE admin mirrorlist fails on olaf Resolved
90716 openSUSE admin Set up /favicon.ico redirect for every subdomain New
90710 openSUSE admin Matomo id for lists.o.o Resolved lrupp
90521 openSUSE admin - permissions issue between apache and dehydrated [was: beans.o.o down] Closed cboltz
90449 openSUSE admin survey.o.o DB down Resolved
90447 openSUSE admin Allow style-src on Resolved pjessen
77278 openSUSE admin Redirect to /archives/ New
75271 openSUSE admin Set up Pagure Resolved hellcp
75268 openSUSE admin Set up BigBlueButton for future usage Closed hellcp
73267 openSUSE admin Set up ssl certificate in haproxy for Closed hellcp
70264 openSUSE admin Deprecate Feedback hellcp
70018 openSUSE admin Planning for the mailman3 migration Resolved hellcp
68263 openSUSE admin Broken integration due to header on proxy Closed opensuse-admin
67630 openSUSE admin Deploy software-o-o with http link fix Resolved
64550 openSUSE admin Lizards deprecation Closed hellcp
63622 openSUSE admin Establishing the strategy for establishing bridges between communication channels Resolved hellcp
63171 openSUSE Marketing Moving to the new news-o-o Resolved hellcp
48311 openSUSE admin Export lizards-o-o database and send out contents to writers Resolved hellcp
41423 openSUSE admin Export db to jekyll Rejected
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