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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
95575 openQA Tests test fails in validate_btrfs - pull has on full partition has succeeded New
64279 openQA Infrastructure [OS upgrade] upgrade xen host New QA - future
35745 qe-yast [sle][functional][y][bsc#1083487] - Use static port configuration for NIS/NFS instead of disabling firewalld in MM nfs client/server test suites New QA - future Related to #23822
35038 openQA Tests [qe-core][sle][functional][hyperv] extra tests on hyperv New szarate QA - future Related to #36937, Blocks #68761
89188 openQA Tests yast2_bootloader requires recommended packages to be installed on aarch64 kvm image Workable
88161 openQA Tests [VMware][sporadic] failing test cases in jeos-extratest test suite Workable
48380 openQA Tests [qe-core][opensuse][functional][aarch64][sporadic] test fails in multiple modules on cryptlvm test - lost keystrokes Blocked SUSE QA - Milestone 31 Related to #46490, Related to #51653, Related to #45362, Blocked by #43889
90770 openQA Tests [aarch64][rpi] test fails in kdump_and_crash - handle missing package installation dialogue Resolved mloviska
90701 openQA Tests [VMware][hyperv] test fails in buildah_docker Resolved mloviska
89515 openQA Tests [sle15sp1] test fails in journalctl because of missing rsyslog Resolved mloviska
89065 openQA Tests repo_orphaned_packages_check should check for all substitued packages in prjconf Resolved mloviska
88373 openQA Tests [xen-post-upgrade][qac-infra][investigation] post configuration leftovers Resolved mloviska Related to #88299
87749 openQA Tests [VMWare] journactl missing boot ID Resolved mloviska
80888 openQA Tests Handle unsupported warning in kdump_and_crash Resolved mloviska
77275 openQA Tests Adapt test cases to run on vmware Resolved
77269 openQA Tests Adapt procps for vmware and hyperv machines Resolved mloviska
77260 openQA Tests splice02 fails in JeOS Resolved pvorel
64628 openQA Tests [RT][SLERT12sp5] remove obsolete softfail bsc1017892 Resolved mloviska
61088 openQA Tests [slert12sp5][rt] Introduce smoke test for cpu shielding Resolved mloviska
61083 openQA Tests [slert12sp5][rt] Extend test case to change attributes of a process with *chrt* Resolved mloviska
61031 openQA Tests [slert12sp5][rt] test fails in upgrade_select - supported migration from slert12 sp4 only Resolved mloviska
61028 openQA Tests [slert12sp5][rt] test fails in rt_is_realtime - add post fail hook and replace root console with serial terminal Resolved mloviska
60773 openQA Tests [slert12sp5][rt] test fails in addon_products_yast2 - possible change in workflow Resolved mloviska Related to #60770
60770 openQA Tests [slert12sp5][rt] test fails in addon_products_via_SCC_yast2 - wrong SCC url Resolved mloviska Related to #60773
53972 openQA Tests [sle][y][functional][sporadic] test fails in yast2_tftp - test did not open logs Resolved riafarov SUSE QA - Milestone 26
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