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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
80730 openQA Tests [sles4sap] grub2 screen is not catched in grub_test module New ldevulder
80724 openQA Tests [sles4sap] ensure_unlocked_desktop repeated too much in wizard_hana_install module Closed ldevulder
65444 openQA Tests [qac][public cloud] Increase cleanup retention time for PC images Resolved cfconrad
62357 openQA Tests [sle][sap] Adapt 'wizard_hana_install' test to textmode Resolved ldevulder
61982 openQA Tests [functional][sap] Screen is stuck in 'first_boot' on IPMI test New ldevulder
60707 openQA Tests [functional][rpi] Add a way to remotely POWERON/POWEROFF RPi board Resolved ggardet_arm
60704 openQA Tests Add a way to remotely POWERON/POWEROFF RPi board Closed
57464 openQA Tests [sles4sap] Fix saptune_v2 tests New
56231 openQA Infrastructure [tools][functional][u] ppc64le worker don't show SLOF boot image anymore after upgrade to Leap 15.1 Closed mgriessmeier SUSE QA - Milestone 27 2019-09-06 Related to #55607
54695 openQA Tests [sles4sap] adapt SAP tests for saptune V2 Resolved rbranco 2019-09-30
54266 openQA Tests [sles4sap] add support of 'saptune-migrate' for upgrade test from 12-* to 15-* New ldevulder
46349 openQA Project [s390x] Add qemu backend support New QA - future Related to #48434, Precedes #45158
43877 openQA Project [ha] test fails in consoletest_setup - Jobs on ppc64 end up without ip on MM tests Resolved ldevulder
40904 openQA Project Scheduler service is not started on package openQA-4.6.1536726988.de30ae3a-778.1.noarch Resolved coolo openQA Project - Done
37474 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Add upgrade tests for HA testcases Resolved ldevulder 2018-07-16
34501 openQA Project [os-autoinst] Add 'no_wait' option to 'send_key_until_needlematch' Rejected okurz
34183 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Sporadic failure of boot_to_desktop test Resolved ldevulder 2018-04-10
33154 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Sporadic failure of cluster_md test Resolved ldevulder 2018-03-19
33148 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Don't execute yast2_ntpclient with system role 'HA (GEO) node' Resolved ldevulder 2018-03-19
32974 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Checking of cluster state after fencing is done too early Resolved ldevulder 2018-03-19
32971 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Fix dual restart of drbd resource Resolved ldevulder 2018-03-14
32551 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Improve LUN support in HA tests for multi-cluster Resolved ldevulder 2018-03-12
32335 openQA Tests [sle][ha][sle12] Rename openQA SLE12 tests like SLE15 Resolved ldevulder 2018-06-11
31894 openQA Project Worker fails on 'chattr' command with xfs filesystem Rejected Related to #31771
31522 openQA Tests [sle][ha] Add DRBD status check before and after migration in DRBD tests Resolved ldevulder 2018-02-12
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