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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
23672 invis-backup add encryption to invis-rdbu Rejected
23794 invis-backup Implementing rdiff-backup-web to invis-server Rejected
35995 invis-server Creating a new repository structure for leap 15 based invis-servers Closed flacco invis-server - Next
38303 invis-sub-setup Create a rpm package with basic directories, config files and dependencies In Progress flacco invis-sub-setup - 1.0 Related to #46718
46718 invis-sub-setup Create a setup-script for invis-sub-server In Progress invis-sub-setup - 1.0 Related to #38303
31636 invisAD-client bringing invis-client package to opensuse factory In Progress kfreitag
46472 invisAD-setup Evaluation: EGroupware New flacco invisAD-setup - Future
54389 invisAD-setup DNS-Updates via DHCP-Server should be possible New invisAD-setup - Future
63634 invisAD-setup We should publish a list with the expiry dates of all VPN client certs New invisAD-setup - Future
37414 invisAD-setup Implementation of SingleSignOn In Progress invisAD-setup - Future
43424 invisAD-setup Add the functionality to create kopano-ressources to the user management inside the invis-portal In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future
46121 invisAD-setup CalDAV to CalDAV synchronization (Server to Server) In Progress flacco invisAD-setup - Future
27090 invisAD-setup ldb library conflict Resolved
36003 invisAD-setup Switch to dehydrated package from distribution Resolved flacco invisAD-setup - 14.0 Related to #36079
36106 invisAD-setup Implentation of invoiceplane to invis-server Setup Resolved flacco invisAD-setup - 14.0
36108 invisAD-setup Connect kimai to AD Resolved flacco invisAD-setup - 14.0
36115 invisAD-setup Password-Handling during sine2 run Resolved flacco invisAD-setup - 14.0 Related to #36079
25198 invisAD-setup invis-Server Upgrade System Feedback invisAD-setup - Future
36019 invisAD-setup We should think about the integration of kopanos libre-office online Version Feedback flacco invisAD-setup - Future
23746 invisAD-setup Adding sudoers rules to active directory. Closed flacco invisAD-setup - 14.2
23758 invisAD-setup Using directory templates for groupshares, create groups without a share Closed flacco invisAD-setup - 14.0
25532 invisAD-setup Combine z-push and owncloud vHosts Closed flacco invisAD-setup - 13.1
25802 invisAD-setup Switch to firewalld Closed ingogoeppert invisAD-setup - 14.0 Related to #36079
27094 invisAD-setup PFS Setup for Kopano Closed flacco invisAD-setup - 14.0
29886 invisAD-setup Building all keypairs inside the sine2 sysprep module Closed flacco invisAD-setup - 13.1
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