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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
21856 openSUSE admin Self hosted websites for tests Closed tampakrap
31600 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in firefox_html5 Resolved
31597 openQA Tests [QAM] - test fails in snapper_cleanup Rejected
31594 openQA Tests [QAM] test fails in runc Resolved
29143 openQA Tests [qam]Unable to find the public key Closed
29066 openQA Tests [QAM] - test fails in change_password Resolved osukup
28773 openQA Tests [QAM] Skip aplay tests in LTSS Rejected
28720 openQA Tests [QAM] Increase timeouts in big downloads Resolved coolo
28627 openQA Tests [QAM] test fails in apache_ssl Resolved michalnowak
27639 openQA Tests [] test fails in scc_registration Rejected
25312 openQA Tests [qam]The releasenotes should be checked against the installed products and not against the generic one Rejected
25310 openQA Tests [qam]zypper_lifecycle needs to be extended to be able to deal with package end of support Rejected
25286 openQA Tests [sle][functional][u][qam][tools] Wrong URL for repositories -> repo symlinks deleted on osd prematurely? Resolved okurz openQA Project - Done Blocked by #21038
25280 openQA Tests [qam]Manual intervention required in installation Closed
25218 openQA Tests [qam]wrong default application for text files Rejected
23912 openQA Tests Needles committed to opensuse repo should be committed also to sles repo Rejected
23434 openQA Tests [qam]MAU tests are missing the variable SCC_ADDONS Closed
23400 openQA Tests [slenkins]support_server: cleanup code warnings Rejected
23370 openQA Tests Variables ADDONSURL and SCC_ADDONS needs cleanup Rejected Related to #23376
23356 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in patch_and_reboot Rejected
23354 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in application_starts_on_login Rejected
23330 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in firefox because of http usage instead of https Resolved
23328 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in application_starts_on_login Rejected
23326 openQA Tests [sle][qam]test fails in addon_products_sle Resolved dzedro
21814 openQA Tests test fails in evolution_meeting_imap Rejected Related to #21774
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