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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
17408 openQA Project Webinterface does not show any information when a worker fails to write to disk Rejected Related to #17218, Related to #14972, Related to #27120
17496 openQA Project Tests get obsolete even if the build is flagged as important Resolved AdamWill
17506 openQA Tests test fails in first_boot sporadically Resolved michalnowak
17620 openQA Project AppArmor prevents openqa-webui startup on tumbleweed Resolved cwh
17768 openQA Tests [sle][functional] extra_tests_in_textmode take too long Resolved Related to #18398
17770 openQA Tests [sle][functional] test fails in yast2_lan because of timeout Rejected
17916 openQA Project [tools] openqa-worker produces an 503 error right after startup Closed
17952 openQA Tests [sles][functional] test x86_64-zdup-Leap-42.1-kde times out after 2 hours Resolved
17956 openQA Tests [sles][functional] test fails in command_not_found Rejected Related to #19398
17958 openQA Tests [tools] test fails in scc_registration (cannot reach proxy) Rejected okurz
17986 openQA Tests [sles][functional] test fails to switch to details view in start_install Resolved nicksinger Related to #18314
17988 openQA Project [tools] upload_logs cannot connect to worker Closed
17990 openQA Tests [sles][functional] test fails in start_install because it's to fast Resolved
17992 openQA Tests [sles][functional] needle missing for root-console Resolved okurz
17994 openQA Tests [sles][functional] test fails to send "alt+o" for reboot Resolved okurz
17998 openQA Project [tools] "No space left on device" on openqaworker7 Rejected szarate openQA Project - Milestone 7 Related to #17574
18048 openQA Project [tools][openqa-monitoring] AMQP connection closed Resolved Copied to #29481
18052 openQA Project [tools][openqa-monitoring] Error on AMQP channel received: Failed closing channel: Unknown channel id received: 1 Rejected
18076 openQA Project [tools][openqa-monitoring] no products found, retrying version wildcard Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Current Sprint Copied to #19730
18142 openQA Infrastructure [labs] Create wiki with up to date information (linklist included) Resolved nicksinger openQA Project - Ready
18162 openQA Tests [tools][openqa-monitoring] START_AFTER_TEST not found Resolved
18164 openQA Infrastructure [devops][tools] monitoring of openqa worker instances Resolved nicksinger Related to #19564, Related to #12912, Related to #28355, Related to #35290, Related to #40583, Related to #41189
18234 openQA Tests [tools][zkvm] test fails to rightclick in reboot_gnome Rejected riafarov Related to #10642, Related to #12758
18314 openQA Project [tools] libpng error: Write Error Resolved Related to #17986
18398 openQA Tests [sles][functional] extra_tests_in_textmode_ppc times out after 2h Resolved Related to #17768
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