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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
98820 QA Various requirements for qem-dashboard (was: Design document for openQA CI dashboard) New QA - future
98262 QA MTUI fails to export version of the package prior installation of the update Resolved osukup openQA Project - Ready
96539 QA Conclude migration of New QA - future
96314 QA [mtui] Update MTUI to use new format for Testplatform New QA - future
94661 QA [teregen] template generator - make sure to skip SUSE:Updates:openSUSE-* release targets for test report generation Resolved jbaier_cz openQA Project - Ready 2021-08-31
94048 QA MTUI - reload_products doesn't work New QA - future
94027 QA MTUI - traceback when connecting unavailable refhost Rejected okurz QA - future
94024 QA MTUI unable to recover from failure to connect to the refhost New QA - future
93799 QA teregen: Improvement of usability of disabled testcases notification New QA - future Related to #90914, Related to #90401, Related to #88127
91467 openQA Project [epic] Surface openQA failures per squad in a single place Blocked okurz openQA Project - Ready Related to #17252, Copied to #91914
91112 openQA Tests [qe-core][qem] test fails in consoletest_setup - probably will never be fixed, remove softfail and adjust test Resolved dvenkatachala QA - QE-Core: Ready Related to #34339, Related to #87886, Related to #88203, Related to #88486
76999 qe-yast Deprecate yast2_cmd/ Rejected QA - future
76903 openQA Infrastructure openQA test modules failure statistics collection Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready 2020-12-03 Copied to #78222
57452 openQA Project Automatic summary of failures Rejected Related to #39719, Related to #58184
52727 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in btrfs_qgroups - remove softfail Resolved tonyyuan
52721 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in grub_set_bootargs - remove softfail Resolved
52718 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in gnome_default_applications - remove softfail Resolved geor
52679 openQA Tests [qe-core][qem][functional][network] Update Travis checker to limit usage of machines for the automatic tests to the automation infrastructure Workable QA - future
52676 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in libreoffice_recent_documents - switch to GUI not enforced Rejected
52502 openQA Tests [qam][urgent] review and balance testsuite sizes Rejected
52436 openQA Tests [qam][yellow] Soft-failure grub_set_bootargs while bug is already resolved Resolved jbaier_cz
52424 openQA Tests [qam] Disable NVIDIA repos in our tests Resolved osukup
52352 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in yast2_nfs_server Resolved klorenzova
52226 openQA Tests [qam] Unclear softfailures in ImageMagick Resolved dzedro
52217 openQA Tests [qam][urgent][blue] remove softfail from user_defined_snapshot Resolved dzedro Has duplicate #52703
50846 openQA Project Put reported bugs into own database Resolved cdywan
49331 qe-yast Regression test yast security New QA - future
49328 qe-yast Regression test yast sound New QA - future
49325 qe-yast [qam][newt][yast2-sysconfig] Regression test yast sysconfig Resolved jgwang
49322 qe-yast [qam][newt][yast2-tftp-server] Regression test yast tftp-server Resolved shukui
49319 qe-yast [qam] Regression test yast timezone Resolved klorenzova
49316 qe-yast [qam][newt][yast2-users] Regression test yast users Resolved jgwang
18966 openQA Tests test fails in scc_registration - new accelerator key in "Web Scripting Module" Resolved riafarov
18840 openQA Tests [qam][x11regressions]test fails in install_patterns - dependency conflict between xen-tools and xen-tools-domU --> adapt test Resolved vsvecova Has duplicate #18870
18798 openQA Tests [qam][aarch64]test times out waiting for display manager during reboot_gnome -> potential product bug? Closed
18788 openQA Tests [qam][x11regressions]test fails in pidgin_aim Closed
18784 openQA Tests [qam][x11regressions]test fails in firefox_appearance, firefox does not close on 'ctrl-w'; should not use sleep Closed
18782 openQA Tests test fails in login_test: stall detected Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #13276
18774 openQA Tests # Test died: command './' Resolved pgeorgiadis
18772 openQA Tests test fails in evolution_meeting_imap Resolved pcervinka Related to #19320
17132 openQA Tests [sle][x11regressions][qam]test fails in firefox_flashplayer Resolved osukup
17126 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in install_and_reboot with "Error occured during installation" Closed vpelcak
17124 openQA Tests [sle][qam][sled]test fails in ghostscript Closed
17122 openQA Tests test fails in wireshark Resolved
17120 openQA Tests [sle][qam]test failed (once?) in firefox to click Rejected
17118 openQA Tests [qam]test fails in gedit Resolved
16434 openQA Tests openssh test fails due to update which disables pre-auth compression support Closed osukup
16346 openQA Project [sles][functional][tools][s390x] Test timeouts on s390 after 2 hours Resolved mgriessmeier
16030 openQA Tests [qam][kgraft] tests failed because of QADB submissions in reboot_restore Closed
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