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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
31465 openQA Project [qam] prints the link of the created job without the port number Resolved dheidler
30361 openQA Project [qam] Job dependencies get lost Resolved
30074 openQA Project Use container as a product under test Rejected okurz Related to #20246
28642 openQA Project [CaaSP] there's no bugreport button Resolved okurz
17628 openQA Project test-module doesn't appear if it gets triggered twice Rejected Is duplicate of #10514
17182 openQA Project doesn't work without http(s):// in the hostname Resolved dheidler QA - future
16292 openQA Project openQA-reviews within openQA website Rejected
16188 openQA Project Easier way to clone jobs for test development Resolved okurz QA - future Related to #10316, Related to #44420
16184 openQA Project Better UI log viewer Rejected okurz QA - future Follows #16180
16180 openQA Project Better log viewer New QA - future Related to #68146, Blocked by #16166, Precedes #16184
16166 openQA Project Log per test Rejected QA - future Blocks #16180, Follows #14972
16076 openQA Project parse_junit_log is crashing with xunit from Avocado / proper xunit parsing in openQA Resolved EDiGiacinto openQA Project - Done
40397 openQA Tests [qam][caasp] needle for velum UI change Resolved
38021 openQA Tests [qam][caasp] Write test for new package Resolved pgeorgiadis
37282 openQA Tests [qam][sle] Add docker-init and manpage Resolved pdostal
36964 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] docker engine doesn't have seccomp support Resolved pgeorgiadis
36319 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] Use salt grains to let Velum orchestrate the reboot Resolved pgeorgiadis
36258 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] kubectl get fails Resolved pgeorgiadis
36154 openQA Tests [kubic] Add new test for kubeadm Resolved pgeorgiadis
35577 openQA Tests [QAM][CaaSP]Conformance k8s testsuite is failing Resolved pgeorgiadis
34900 openQA Tests [qam][sle15] Port Kubic container tests Closed geor
34834 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] Enable single-master cluster Resolved pgeorgiadis
34540 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] Add --flatten=true Resolved pdostal
33397 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] qw doesn't interpolate $node Resolved pgeorgiadis
33391 openQA Tests [QAM][CAASP] Workaround for bnc#1085677 Resolved mkravec
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