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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
121513 openQA Tests test fails in storage_perf New
119851 openQA Tests backend died: Failed to select socket for reading Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready
114826 openQA Project tests/overview page overview may display outdated builds in certain cases New QA - future
113408 openQA Project bot-ng trigger test two times for incidents New QA - future
110077 openQA Project misleading error when entering wrong product into job group settings New QA - future
106670 openQA Tests test fails in firstrun Rejected mloviska
106095 openQA Tests xfs test fails in generic-019 Rejected szarate
104961 openQA Tests runltp-ng fails Rejected szarate
104952 openQA Tests Terraform no cleanup after job termination Resolved ilausuch
102972 openQA Tests test fails in upload_image due to missing key_id/secret_id Resolved ilausuch
101000 openQA Tests terraform fail on init Rejected
93324 openQA Project Exception in log parser leads to failed job with hard to guess root cause Workable QA - future Copied to #93342
92296 openQA Project Add "open all TODO in separate tabs" functionality New QA - future
91875 openQA Tests test fails in writev03 New
90764 QA auto-merge github feature can be enabled for os-autoinst-distri-opensuse Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready
90398 openSUSE admin "Forum Spam" requests creating spam in progress Resolved asmorodskyi
81116 openQA Project openqa-webui is failed to start because /var/lib/openqa/db/db.lock owned by vnc user Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready 2020-12-23
80678 openQA Project Make sure that certain amount of workers of some unique class is running New QA - future
75310 openQA Tests Entity in active state in local DB and actually already deleted in PC cause endless loop Resolved asmorodskyi
71809 openQA Project Enable multi-machine jobs trigger without "isos post" Resolved mkittler QA - future Related to #103425, Related to #95783
71530 openQA Tests Add notifications regarding leftovers of BlueHorizon tests to PCW Resolved asmorodskyi
66898 openQA Tests Add tests for public cloud tools image Resolved asmorodskyi Has duplicate #65091
65091 openQA Tests Job creating tools image should be extended with self-test Rejected Is duplicate of #66898
64761 openQA Tests [functional][y] wicked changed behavior to reload instead of restart on latest version Resolved ybonatakis SUSE QA - Milestone 33 2020-04-21
62603 openQA Project Anchor/alias for hash map in job template settings in Job Groups YAML produces error Rejected okurz Related to #59148
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