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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
96510 openQA Project `job_groups/id` DELETE call can't really work Rejected QA - future
96752 QA 'openSUSE-SLE' product schedule jobs to OSD Resolved osukup openQA Project - Ready Related to #72202
48053 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in system_workarounds New
49421 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in docker Resolved SLindoMansilla
101382 openQA Project [openqa][epic] update of assets in openQA Workable QA - future
38861 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fails in first_boot Resolved okurz Has duplicate #38864
112430 QA [qa-tools] [qem-bot] Incident schedule fails in preparation Incident instance Resolved osukup openQA Project - Ready
111710 QA [qa-tools] [tools] remove usage of *_TEST_TEMPLATE vars in qem-bot and openQA media definition if favor of *_TEST_REPOS In Progress osukup openQA Project - Ready 2022-08-23 Related to #109707
113087 QA [qa-tools][qem-bot] malformed data in smelt incident causes smelt sync fail Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready
29357 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in evolution_meeting_imap Rejected Related to #21774
31654 openQA Tests [qam] [ppc64le] ltp_fs_readonly and ltp_fs_ext4 Closed
19192 openQA Tests [qam] [qa-automation] kernel exec fail due missing method Resolved jtzhao
18992 openQA Tests [qam] [sle] [qa_automation] qa_automations tests fail's with virtio_serial Resolved
38858 openQA Tests [QAM] [SLE15] test fails in qa_test_klp Resolved osukup
43826 openQA Tests [qam] [SLE15] test fails in systemd_testsuite Rejected Is duplicate of #36754
38783 openQA Tests [qam] [wayland] test sometimes fails in window_system Resolved jbaier_cz Related to #45677
57425 openQA Tests [QAM] [yellow] test fails in coredump_collect Resolved osukup
18478 openQA Tests [qam] install_update and install_patterns doesnt work correctly on SLE12SP1 Resolved osukup
19938 openQA Project [qam] jobs failed to star because broken assets download Closed
18734 openQA Tests [qam] kgraft/qam-minimal - is_patch_needed Resolved osukup
18386 openQA Tests [qam] No graphics framebuffer on xgene2 aarch64 Closed
19208 openQA Tests [qam] php5_ * tests are too dependent on test order Resolved osukup Related to #19382, Related to #19384, Related to #19336
18860 openQA Tests [qam] SLE12 GA and SLE12SP1 doesnt start virtio_console correctly Resolved osukup Related to #18980
55772 openQA Tests [QAM] test fails in add_update_test_repo Resolved osukup
26980 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in application_starts_on_login + Rejected
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