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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
48053 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in system_workarounds New
93937 QA [tools][qem] qamapi - incidents can have multiple versions packages New QA - future Blocked by #93934
97994 QA bot-ng - sometimes doesn't update smelt data in dashboard New QA - future
109491 QA Flow diagram for Maintenance jobs scheduling New QA - future Copied from #108944
109509 QA qem-dashboard - show better info about time of actualization of data New QA - future
94372 openQA Project [qem][tools] Use GitLab Pages to expose MTUI documentation New QA - future
129871 openQA Project [tools] [openQA] Optically split build in group and search fields. New openQA Project - Ready
101382 openQA Project [openqa][epic] update of assets in openQA Workable QA - future
42488 openQA Tests [qam][functional][y][fast] test fails in partitioning_raid Resolved mloviska SUSE QA - Milestone 20 2018-10-23
12924 openQA Project Susscefull test with STORE_HDD_1 set as failed Resolved oholecek
17082 openQA Tests test fails in yast2_snapper Resolved michalnowak
17596 openQA Tests [userspace][qam] test fails to reach external mail server in evolution_meeting_pop sometimes -> use local server Resolved pcervinka Related to #15134, Related to #18266, Related to #19320
18478 openQA Tests [qam] install_update and install_patterns doesnt work correctly on SLE12SP1 Resolved osukup
19192 openQA Tests [qam] [qa-automation] kernel exec fail due missing method Resolved jtzhao
19284 openQA Tests [qam] Test for LAMP7 stack Resolved osukup
17660 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in crash because of missing debug repo in released products Resolved osukup
17682 openQA Tests [sle][x11regressions][qam]test fails in firefox_downloading Resolved osukup Related to #17792
18266 openQA Tests [qam][x11regressions] test fails in evolution_mail_* Resolved pcervinka Related to #17596, Related to #19320, Related to #15134, Related to #20570
18274 openQA Tests [qam][x11regressions] test fails in firefox_urlsprotocols Resolved osukup
18282 openQA Tests [qam] yast_self_update / yast_no_self_update uselees on ppc64le and s390 Resolved osukup
18380 openQA Tests [qam] test fails in bootloader_uefi - aarch64 Resolved okurz Related to #15230, Related to #17448, Related to #11948
18734 openQA Tests [qam] kgraft/qam-minimal - is_patch_needed Resolved osukup
18860 openQA Tests [qam] SLE12 GA and SLE12SP1 doesnt start virtio_console correctly Resolved osukup Related to #18980
18992 openQA Tests [qam] [sle] [qa_automation] qa_automations tests fail's with virtio_serial Resolved
19208 openQA Tests [qam] php5_ * tests are too dependent on test order Resolved osukup Related to #19382, Related to #19384, Related to #19336
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