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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
54698 openQA Infrastructure Worker7 - network problems Rejected
12180 openQA Project [webui] Prevent tests to be triggered when required assets are not present (anymore) New QA - future Related to #13230, Related to #2440, Related to #34783, Related to #28328, Related to #46742, Related to #64544, Has duplicate #23646, Blocks #42452
11946 openQA Project Automatic creation of factory/iso Resolved
12340 openQA Project [infrastructure] Can't write to asset: No space left Rejected
12104 openQA Project A user without explicit role can not add comments on openQA Rejected Is duplicate of #12118
34576 openQA Tests [sssd][ldap][migration][network] Implement functional testing for network service which would utilize migration scenario New Related to #70168
12176 openQA Tests [test review] SCC registration test scenarios: Registration Code Resolved
12338 openQA Tests [improvement] sending TERM to qemu pid Resolved
12332 openQA Tests [performance] Install and reboot scenarios time out while waiting for serial Rejected openQA Project - Milestone 12
64243 openQA Tests test fails in mrsh_master Resolved asmorodskyi QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
27826 openQA Tests [functional][opensuse][u] Prepare simple ON/OFF test for Bluetooth in Tumbleweed Rejected dollarr QA - future
12292 openQA Project [test review] Missing assets in openQA Resolved dzedro
12758 openQA Tests Reboot gnome scenario fails Resolved dzedro openQA Project - Milestone 5 Related to #13874, Related to #18234
12286 openQA Tests [test review] iscsi_client test fails as cmd is typed before finishing previous task Rejected dzedro
18326 openQA Tests [sle15sp4][desktop] regression-firefox test relies on external resource New GraceWang Related to #15134
30237 openQA Tests [hpc] single package tests for HPC SLE15 should be enabled on ARM builds Resolved mgriessmeier
41189 openQA Infrastructure [tools][monitoring] Worker 'reachable' notifications sent form Grafana instance Resolved nicksinger Related to #41336, Related to #18164
52517 openQA Project Sorting out tests: Visualize parallel job dependencies in test overview (was: Enhance the view for the multimachine tests) Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #15850
12110 openQA Tests gnome_control_center: short timeout on details caused test to fail Resolved okurz Related to #12064
12288 openQA Tests [test review] snapper_undochange fails to create first snapshot within time of 30s Resolved okurz
66907 openQA Tests Multimachine test fails in setup for ARM workers Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #63874
32593 openQA Project Multiple ttySx consoles for qemu Rejected sebchlad openQA Project - Done Related to #32968
52256 openQA Tests [hpc][kernel] Prepare support_server NFS server Resolved sebchlad QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
62645 openQA Tests [hpc] test hpc Resolved sebchlad QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
67768 openQA Tests [kernel][hpc] SLE15-SP2 GMC HPC exploratory checks Resolved sebchlad QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
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