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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
90872 openQA Project openQA / os-autoinst 'either does not dequeue its messages, or exhibits some other buggy client-behavior' Resolved AdamWill openQA Project - Ready 2021-04-28
71386 openQA Project Stale job detection fails with "Can't locate object method "gru" via package "OpenQA::Scheduler" at /usr/share/openqa/script/../lib/OpenQA/Schema/Result/" Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Ready
68851 openQA Project Allow qemu host IP to be something other than Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready
66325 openQA Project Add missing dependencies to os-autoinst spec Resolved tinita openQA Project - Current Sprint
64544 openQA Project Asset required by scheduled job wiped by limit_assets Rejected okurz Related to #12180, Related to #19672
64496 openQA Infrastructure job_templates_scheduling API always returns YAML, even if client requests JSON Resolved tinita openQA Project - Current Sprint
62417 openQA Project os-autoinst occasionally crashing on startup Resolved mkittler Related to #62984
60059 openQA Project logs of virtio_console1 and later not visible in web UI live view or assets tab Workable QA - future
58959 openQA Project needle diff doesn't work right in current git for needles in subdirectories Resolved AdamWill
56999 openQA Project [epic] Run post-fail hook when cancelling cluster jobs? New QA - future
56822 openQA Project Greyscaling of needle matches can produce false positives New QA - future
54548 openQA Project Use of `record_serialresult` in `validate_script_output` is very confusing Resolved tinita openQA Project - Current Sprint Related to #54347
54368 openQA Project 24-worker-job.t: two subtests fail unless autoinst-log.txt is pre-created Resolved okurz
54329 openQA Project 24-worker-overall.t test assumes cpu_opmode capability will always be present, but it isn't Resolved mkittler
54101 openQA Project Developer mode "pause test" does not actually pause it Rejected okurz
48554 openQA Project Gru/minion task deleted from GruTasks db on retry Resolved kraih
47210 openQA Project "Users" page in web UI resets to showing the first page of 10 users every time you make a change Resolved ilausuch Related to #6558
46295 openQA Project Unrelated jobs needlessly cancelled as parallel_failed Resolved AdamWill
45089 openQA Project Cannot raise priority of a job from 0 via webUI Resolved
45086 openQA Project Idea: way to get logs out of os-autoinst without network connection Rejected okurz Related to #36127, Is duplicate of #28285
41801 openQA Project 25-serverstartup.t test fails with recent Mojolicious Rejected Is duplicate of #41486
31069 openQA Project Job life cycle not always covered by events Resolved Related to #32851
30877 openQA Project If gru task cannot be completed, it will attempt it forever in a loop, never reaching other tasks Rejected Is duplicate of #18462
30562 openQA Project os-autoinst fails to build with GCC 8 Rejected AdamWill
29925 openQA Project Searching for "not last (time period)" in needle admin interface does not find needles last use/match was "never" New QA - future
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