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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
41948 qe-yam [functional][y] New test for formatting/mounting/encrypting a whole disk New QA - future
9792 openSUSE admin Lizards account for YaST Team Resolved
9284 openSUSE admin New SLE12 VM to substitute Closed
8542 openQA Project Staging openQA instances Resolved
8540 openQA Project Easier workflow to submit needles for casual contributors New QA - future Related to #10144
7456 openSUSE admin Access to connect API from boosters (TSP app) Closed
6414 openQA Project Meaningful and understandable products Rejected openQA Project - Sprint 15
2706 openQA Project Write the Tests Developer Guide Closed
2634 Staging project workflow obs_factory: bug with rack-mini-profiler and engines New
2632 Staging project workflow obs_factory: documentation and comments Closed Staging project workflow - Staging sprint 10
2626 Staging project workflow obs_factory: factory-tested dashboard New
2620 Staging project workflow obs_factory: a good design for the staging_projects dashboard Closed
2396 openQA Project Refactor job_templates and friends Resolved
2394 openQA Project New/improved tests Rejected
2248 openQA Project Complete bootstrap/install process Rejected QA - future
2244 openQA Project Migrate from prototype.js to jQuery. Resolved
2216 openQA Project Best management of prio in job_templates Resolved
1411 openQA Project Remove deprecated code from lib/modules and make awstandard obsolete Closed openQA Project - Sprint 13 Has duplicate #1352
1407 openQA Project Fix syntax highlight in Step#src Resolved openQA Project - Easy hacks
1352 openQA Project Implement cycle, res_css and res_display as proper helpers Closed openQA Project - Sprint 13 Is duplicate of #1411
1278 openQA Project AJAX/javascript action (with tests) Closed openQA Project - Sprint 08
1275 openQA Project Initial code refactoring (+ adapting the tests) Closed
1272 openQA Project Write some test cases for webUI Resolved QA - future Has duplicate #1715
1798 openQA Project Bootstrap/install process Resolved _miska_ openQA Project - Sprint 05
5962 openQA Project Update/complete database documentation Closed ancorgs openQA Project - Sprint 13
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