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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
120405 openQA Project Failed log file tests are transferred from Leap to Tumbleweed for s390x size:M Resolved dheidler openQA Project - Ready Related to #119713
119713 openQA Project Leap tests are failing because of failed log file uploading in multiple tests on s390x size:M Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready Related to #117631, Related to #116782, Related to #97751, Related to #120405
119077 openQA Project openQA infrastructure issues for s390x and PowerPC Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready Related to #117631, Related to #118642
116215 ZSystems Update python-epubmerge Resolved
116212 ZSystems Add files to package config of python-celerymon New
116209 ZSystems Expand memory for package python-websockets New
116206 ZSystems Syntax error in python-webassets Resolved
116203 ZSystems Update python-pytest-subtesthack Resolved
116200 ZSystems Improve performance of the build host of package python-svgwrite New
116197 ZSystems wrong version numbers in package mumps:serial Resolved
116194 ZSystems libgsasl: use of possibly-NULL '*output' where non-null expected New
115940 ZSystems Expand memory for arpack-ng:serial Resolved
115874 ZSystems Exclude architecture s390x in package facetimehd New
115871 ZSystems brickd is failing because of memcpy New
115868 ZSystems Patch can not be applied in package cpupower New
115865 ZSystems Update cyrus-imapd New
115862 ZSystems "minimum" not declared in package ddnet New
115859 ZSystems Update crash New
115856 ZSystems python.h can not be found in package bup New
115853 ZSystems Add global variables to package Wildfly New
115850 ZSystems Update Wildfly New
114835 ZSystems Update python-sqlite-fts4 Resolved
114799 ZSystems Update python-ptrace In Progress
114790 ZSystems Fix kde-plasma Resolved
114772 ZSystems Python error in package bup New
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