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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
32338 openQA Tests [aarch64]Prepare support_server image based on SLE12SP3 for aarch64 for multimachine tests Resolved asmorodskyi Related to #31978, Related to #32707
36403 openQA Tests [caasp] test for udp flannel backend Rejected thehejik
34813 openQA Tests [microos] tests for caasp toolchain module Resolved thehejik
35895 openQA Project [os-autoinst-openvswitch][theory] problem with assigining VLANs tags - more testsuites are using the same VLAN? Resolved EDiGiacinto openQA Project - Done
52949 openQA Tests [qe-core][RPi3][epic] SLES on RaspberryPi New SUSE QA - Milestone 31 Related to #71494
33253 openQA Infrastructure [salt] add support for multiple multi-host worker clusters - connect multiple workers using GRE within the same WORKER_CLASS Resolved thehejik Related to #32314, Related to #32296, Related to #7982
32314 openQA Infrastructure [salt] make GRE tunnels salt-states compatible with global worker configuration from pillars Resolved thehejik Related to #31978, Related to #33253
31426 openQA Tests [sle][functional][u][epic] extend tests for icewm regarding raspberry pi scenario (was: extend tests for icewm a bit) Rejected QA - future 2018-06-12 Related to #30586
32107 openQA Tests [sle][functional][workable] let support_server wait for remote target to lease an IP after initial bootup Resolved thehejik
25754 openQA Tests [sle][functional][yast][easy] don't wait 100s for pop-up in Resolved jorauch openQA Project - Milestone 15 2018-03-27
37946 openQA Tests [sle][migration][sle15sp3] detect "Unknown" architecture on aarch64 in upgrade_select test and mark as softfail Resolved zoecao
19942 openQA Tests [slenkins] [openqa] all slenkins tests failing - new support_server image based on SP2 needed Resolved thehejik
33700 openQA Tests [slenkins][qam] tcpd test fails in 2_tcpdmatch - hostnamectl/dns issue in slenkins tcpd testsuite Resolved thehejik
18444 openQA Tests [sles][functional]Make partitioning_raid test compatible with UEFI Resolved thehejik openQA Project - Milestone 7
19614 openQA Tests [tests][slenkins] change prio for SRPMS repo in shim testsuite Resolved thehejik openQA Project - Milestone 8
20002 openQA Project [tools] openqa sometimes doesn't update job_dependencies table Resolved Related to #18684, Related to #20790
19694 openQA Project [tools] refactoring of salt states and pillars for GRE workers openqaworker8 and openqaworker9 Resolved
20920 openQA Project [tools] Try out if we can connect more than 2 ovs bridges by GRE for multimachine purposes Resolved thehejik
19346 openQA Tests [tools] use pflash for efi var store Rejected thehejik
19704 openQA Project [tools][caasp] rise number of workers for CaaSP dedicated machines Resolved thehejik
18082 openQA Project [tools][dashboard]Sort by time within parent group overview page Resolved EDiGiacinto openQA Project - Milestone 8 Blocks #18404
18828 openQA Tests [tools][sles][functional] keystrokes are sometimes ignored on aarch64 in partitioning_raid test Resolved SLindoMansilla Related to #12214, Related to #20108, Has duplicate #18830
17346 openQA Project [tools] does a sync even if --dry option is used for sle12_sp3 Resolved okurz
12256 openQA Project /usr/bin/isotovideo complains about missing in @INC Resolved oholecek
17902 openQA Project Check if qemu-img finished correctly and die if not Resolved mitiao openQA Project - Done
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