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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
92095 openQA Tests [qe-core][tumbleweed] test fails in multi_users_dm, string typed in gnome search rather than xterm screen Feedback punkioudi
89422 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fails in seahorse starting with keyring lock screen for ppc64le New Related to #66149
88651 openQA Tests [qe-core][opensuse]test fails in mdadm expecting 1.51 GB but fdisk reports 1.49GB Closed
88163 openQA Tests [opensuse][qe-core] test fails in vino_screensharing_available now that sharing supported by Wayland Resolved michel_mno
80662 openQA Project uninitialized value in string eq at .../load_templates line 137 Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Ready
77779 openQA Tests [qe-core][opensuse] test fails in apache for ppc64, timed out on echo commands since TW 20201110 Resolved
77653 openQA Tests [qe-core][opensuse]test fails in steam, chrome, wine in extra_tests_gnome recently added for ppc64le and aarch64 Resolved ggardet_arm
72070 openQA Tests Jump15.2 test fails in java aarch64 as java-1_8_0-openj9-javadoc rpm but no binary rpm Resolved
71902 openQA Tests Jump15.2 test fails in podman_image Resolved favogt
71749 openQA Tests [qac][microos] test fails in journal_check "kernel: vio vio: uevent: failed to send synthetic uevent" for MicroOS ppc64le Closed
71527 openQA Tests kubeadm init failed with missing images from Resolved
71488 openQA Tests [qac][microos] test fails in zypper_ref for microos ppc64le calling select_serial_terminal Closed
70522 openQA Tests [u] test fails in shar "uudecode: command not found" Jump15.2 Build39.13 Rejected SLindoMansilla SUSE QA - Milestone 30
69445 openQA Tests [functional][y] test fails in transactional_update ppc64le TW, missing utt-opensuse-ppc64le.tgz Resolved QA - future 2020-10-06
69283 openSUSE admin "count cache flush assist capability level not supported by kvm" since 20200721 5:04pm PowerPC builders Closed opensuse-admin-obs
68755 openQA Tests [functional][y] test fails in yast2_vnc ppc64le TW 2020707 Resolved JRivrain SUSE QA - SLE 15 SP3 2020-08-11
68743 openQA Tests some ltp ppc64le tests failure side effect changes poo#68218 Resolved
68666 openQA Tests openQA cache download failure "runtest-files-opensuse-Tumbleweed-ppc64le-20200704-DVD@ppc64le-with-ltp.qcow2.tar.gz" Resolved rpalethorpe
68218 openQA Tests [opensuse][ppc64le] test fails because "rcu_sched kthread starved" while VM snapshot Resolved Related to #44156, Blocks #64114
67720 openQA Tests [qe-core][opensuse][typing] lost characters versus passed string of assert_script_run for ppc64 TW 20200602 Resolved Related to #43889
67462 openQA Tests ppc64le jobs on o3 are slow due unintended VIRTIO_CONSOLE=0 setup (many ltp tests ppc64le are running more than 5 hours since TW 20200520 snapshot) Resolved pvorel QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
67366 Jump 15.2 [containers] test fails in docker_runc "Error exporting container" for ppc64le Leap15.2 New
67318 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in quota "bash: /dev/hvc0: Permission denied" Rejected zluo SUSE QA - Milestone 31
67198 openQA Tests test fails in zypper_ref "Failed to wait for login prompt" Rejected
67075 openQA Tests test fails in updates_packagekit_gpk because assert_screen timeout because select_console x11 too long Rejected
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