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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
30595 openQA Infrastructure [ppc64le] Deploy bcache on tmpfs workers New QA - future Related to #30388, Related to #38780, Related to #64746, Related to #106841, Has duplicate #30249
122539 openQA Tests test fails in curl log from openqa and connect with FQDN always fails by time out size:M New QA - future Related to #122665
29340 openQA Tests [kernel] mount a unmounted partition failed during preparing xfstests Resolved
38591 openQA Tests [s390x][kvm] "DIE 'current_console' is not set" in boot_to_desktop Resolved
19362 openQA Tests [userspace] split Resolved cachen Related to #17872
25842 openQA Tests [userspace][sle15] Both nfs and nfs_v4 has 7 fails Resolved jtzhao
48071 openQA Tests [functional][u][kernel]Transfer s390x-zVM-2disk machine type from zVM to KVM Resolved mgriessmeier QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
26852 openQA Tests [sle][functional][tools][BLOCKED][bsc#1041747] assert_script_run sometimes/randomly type a duplicate letter in the beginning Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 15 2018-03-27 Related to #26856, Related to #18020, Related to #25894, Related to #16604, Related to #26888, Blocked by #26910
18938 openQA Tests [tools]Enable 3 stress acceptance on aarch64 Resolved okurz Related to #18936, Has duplicate #20408
26068 openQA Tests Timeout when access Resolved okurz
18936 openQA Tests [tools][sles][functional] Enable 3 stress acceptance on s390x Resolved riafarov openQA Project - Milestone 11 2017-11-08 Related to #18938, Related to #25638, Related to #26022, Blocked by #19862, Copied to #20830
26850 openQA Tests [sle][functional][tools] Could not save snapshot in openqaworker-arm-1 Resolved szarate
26030 openQA Tests [kernel] parted return unexpected error in openQA Resolved yosun
31156 openQA Tests [kernel] Pick up xfs partition logic have to enhance Resolved yosun
41531 openQA Tests [kernel] Fail to install kernel-default-debuginfo Resolved yosun
29637 openQA Tests [tools][kernel] test suddenly print login words -> script_output used wrong Resolved yosun openQA Project - Done Related to #30613, Has duplicate #30850
42800 openQA Tests [kernel] Require a two disk s390x machine type to run xfstests Resolved yosun QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
25674 openQA Tests [userspace][sle15]Add Legacy module in SLE15 test Closed
25840 openQA Tests [sle][functional][sle15] After LeanOS rename to SLE15, previously results missing Closed
30207 openQA Tests [userspace][kernel]Need to install more packages in Closed yosun
60689 openQA Tests curl (7) couldn't connect to server, upload log to failed Rejected QE Kernel - QE Kernel Done
30391 openQA Tests [functional][u][userspace] php7 testsuite need a update Rejected mgriessmeier QA - future
53300 openQA Tests [functional][y]"No space left on device" cause test incomplete for those create_hdd tests in aarch64 Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #53261
43229 openQA Project Could openQA automatic takeover more than 1 known bsc/poo Rejected okurz openQA Project - Done

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