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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
120193 openQA Tests [tools] Test schedule ordering: tests run before repo available "Test died: 'zypper -n ref' failed with code 4" New andriinikitin QA - future
123803 openSUSE admin New Brazilian mirror registration - New andriinikitin Is duplicate of #123109
123900 openSUSE admin 2023-03-02 19:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting New opensuse-admin
123718 openSUSE admin Can't open (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) New opensuse-admin Related to #123262
122713 openSUSE admin mirrors-o-o shows outdated openSUSE Leap releases New andriinikitin
122587 openSUSE admin FW: Mirror access problem - New andriinikitin
111548 openSUSE admin New machine and oidc info for fedocal New opensuse-admin
80974 openSUSE admin Ipsilon installation is completely unthemed and does not look like openSUSE Workable opensuse-admin
122254 openSUSE admin Migrate away from login proxies to SSO New opensuse-admin
121369 openSUSE admin Package mirror gone? Feedback andriinikitin
120981 openSUSE admin Mirror problem - New andriinikitin
117487 openSUSE admin Mirror registration request - New andriinikitin
120994 openSUSE admin Allow IP to Stage Mirror - New andriinikitin
116731 openSUSE admin why not in the list of mirrors Feedback andriinikitin
116227 openSUSE admin mirror wiki needs updating Workable andriinikitin
116239 openSUSE admin .TR is directed to Asia instead of Europe Feedback andriinikitin
119884 openSUSE admin New Mirror Register - Feedback andriinikitin
113126 openSUSE admin - two sections for "Asia" and "Oceania" ? Workable andriinikitin Related to #104550
111404 openSUSE admin Account dismesso In Progress andriinikitin 2022-06-30
110406 openSUSE admin Wrong URL in UNICAMP mirror In Progress andriinikitin 2022-05-23
111749 openSUSE admin OpenSUSE mirror register Feedback andriinikitin
114418 openSUSE admin Possible problem in some South America (Brazil) mirror New andriinikitin
116638 openSUSE admin checksum fails for downloaded ISO Feedback andriinikitin
104193 openSUSE admin Issues with openSUSE Repos Feedback andriinikitin Related to #104200, Related to #104265
114583 openSUSE admin mirror redirects to (protocol downgrade) New andriinikitin
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