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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
103548 qe-yast Fix double interval while using wait_until in LibyuClient In Progress oorlov qe-yast - Current
103314 qe-yast Switch keyboard before the dialog is ready In Progress oorlov qe-yast - Current
102659 qe-yast Appy YAML schedule for btrfs_libstorage-ng@s390x-sle12 Feedback oorlov qe-yast - Current
102191 qe-yast Apply existing test modules using YuiRestClient to openSUSE YaST schedules (remaining ones) Feedback oorlov qe-yast - Current
102161 qe-yast open SSH port in Installation Settings using YuiRestClient Feedback oorlov qe-yast - Current
101957 qe-yast [timeboxed: 16h] Adapt select_modules_and_patterns to use an specific longer timeout in aarch64 Feedback oorlov qe-yast - Current
98994 qe-yast Implement Filesystem Options in Guided setup using client libyui-rest-api Feedback oorlov qe-yast - Current
98985 qe-yast Implement Partitioning Scheme in Guided setup using client libyui-rest-api Feedback oorlov qe-yast - Current
97289 qe-yast [qem][qu] test fails in await_install in 15-SP3 QU Blocked oorlov qe-yast - Current
93668 qe-yast [epic] Redesign Installation test modules New oorlov qe-yast - Current Related to #97973
91830 qe-yast Investigate if a change of DH version for TLS negotiation can fix 'remote_controller' module Feedback oorlov SUSE QA - SLE 15 SP3
89476 qe-yast Develop logging to the libyui REST API tests New oorlov QA - future
89212 qe-yast Testing wi-fi networking configuration in yast2 network New oorlov QA - future
88960 qe-yast Design test plan for the yast2 samba module New oorlov qe-yast - Current
87910 qe-yast Separate libyui REST API to separate cpan module New oorlov QA - future
71662 qe-yast [epic][y] Improve managing/grouping test suites New oorlov QA - future
67363 qe-yast [functional][y] Remove or adapt workaround for yast2-samba ncurses test Blocked oorlov qe-yast - Current Related to #66871, Related to #67123
52286 qe-yast [functional][y] automate scenario for yast2 dump YaST module on s390x Blocked oorlov qe-yast - Current
51665 qe-yast [functional][y][s390][epic] Create new test suite for s390 specific yast modules New oorlov QA - future
50672 qe-yast [funtional][y][epic] Use libyui-rest-api for YaST modules testing In Progress oorlov QA - future 2024-10-01
49889 qe-yast [functional][epic][y] Switch between installation/install shell in specific scenarios (hyperv, ssh,vnc) In Progress oorlov QA - future
49157 qe-yast [epic] Introduce yast2_clone to more scenarios New oorlov QA - future
42890 qe-yast [functional][y][epic] Established workflow how system level test failures found in openQA of QA validation tests can be moved to earlier testing, e.g. staging, OBS devel projects, PR, commit New oorlov QA - future Related to #18000
36712 qe-yast [saga] Use YaST specific framework for GUI testing New oorlov QA - future 2024-10-01
23606 qe-yast Integrate classes autoyast profile test in openQA In Progress oorlov qe-yast - Current Related to #29122, Related to #40979
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