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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
96503 openSUSE admin fedaration of matrix is lagging New hellcp
130297 openSUSE admin Plan for migrating the primary freeipa to freeipa2 New hellcp
126434 openSUSE admin some RAW links on* want to open in other app instead of current browser tab Feedback hellcp
128372 openSUSE admin netlify enable preview for New hellcp
127376 openSUSE admin susepaste command no longer respects syntax and does not show in Recents when logged in New hellcp
127385 openSUSE admin paste.o.o - nginx tries to talk to localhost:3000, but nobody is listening New hellcp
126236 openSUSE admin pam_systemd(crond:session): Failed to create session: Maximum number of sessions (8192) reached, refusing further sessions. New hellcp
124850 openSUSE admin paste.o.o no longer remembers fields, instead uses comic names? New hellcp Related to #124847, Related to #124853
122872 openSUSE admin pagure01.i.o.o (code.o.o) rejects mails to @code.o.o New hellcp Is duplicate of #108215, Has duplicate #123757
122569 openSUSE admin defective New hellcp
120774 openSUSE admin Tag based news.o.o RSS feeds in Wiki New hellcp
97145 openSUSE admin matrix.i.o.o disk full - too verbose logging? New hellcp
107167 openSUSE admin archiving stuck again Workable hellcp Has duplicate #107317, Has duplicate #108641
70264 openSUSE admin Deprecate Feedback hellcp
88903 openSUSE admin Fwd: - search index not up-to-date Feedback hellcp
38072 openSUSE admin can't git pull on because of TLS error New hellcp
88570 openSUSE admin , text browser New hellcp
62129 openSUSE Marketing Shop stuff In Progress hellcp
67435 openSUSE Marketing Nice and shiny 404 page In Progress hellcp

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