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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
126707 openSUSE admin Spam in openSUSE:Factory New opensuse-admin-obs
127886 openSUSE admin SPAM posted by user samuelevan on New opensuse-admin-obs Is duplicate of #127871
130516 openSUSE admin Rename of OBS project New opensuse-admin-obs
127871 openSUSE admin OBS spam New opensuse-admin-obs Has duplicate #127886, Has duplicate #128078
96473 openSUSE admin Adding "Everything" for openEuler 20.03 New opensuse-admin-obs
130264 openSUSE admin 2023-07-06 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting New opensuse-admin
126332 openSUSE admin Fwd: How to add a new project under specific namespace? New opensuse-admin-obs
89518 openSUSE admin Question: Linux mobile apps repository New opensuse-admin-obs
121621 openSUSE admin A Dedicated Devel Project for Julia New opensuse-admin-obs
123718 openSUSE admin Can't open (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) New opensuse-admin Related to #123262
98895 openSUSE admin Re: and again: no bugowner. New opensuse-admin-obs
122254 openSUSE admin Migrate away from login proxies to SSO New opensuse-admin
121474 openSUSE admin OBS ( Arch Linux builds are broken, may need config changes from admins to fix New opensuse-admin-obs
119935 openSUSE admin 15.4/appliances causes high traffic to mirrors New opensuse-admin-obs
117343 openSUSE admin OBS project request "LibertaCasa" New opensuse-admin-obs
112133 openSUSE admin New Project on Feedback opensuse-admin-obs
117166 openSUSE admin Archive redirect New opensuse-admin

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