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[functional][y] test fails in yast2_vnc ppc64le TW 2020707

Added by michel_mno 29 days ago. Updated 1 day ago.

Bugs in existing tests
Target version:
SUSE QA tests - SLE 15 SP3
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5.00 h
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openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-ppc64le-yast2_ncurses@ppc64le fails in

two times same failure on TW 2020707

vnc service restart seems to fail.

Actual problem is soft-failure we have. So on the initial check port is still closed, so we try to start the service.
So I believe problem is that there is delay in the port openning, but service is running.
As test didn't fail in the last runs, we should at least remove soft-failure, and verify that service is running even when port is open.

It also would make sense to soften check, so we validate that port gets open in some time-frame (e.g. 30 seconds).

 sub check_service_listening {
     my $cmd_check_port = $is_older_product ? 'netstat' : 'ss -tln | grep -E LISTEN.*:5901';
     if (script_run($cmd_check_port)) {
         record_soft_failure 'boo#1088646 - service vncmanager is not started automatically';
         systemctl('status vncmanager', expect_false => 1);
         systemctl('restart vncmanager');
         systemctl('status vncmanager');
         assert_script_run $cmd_check_port;

Test suite description

Maintainer: qsf-y Test for yast2 UI, ncurses only. Running on created gnome images which provides both text console for ncurses UI tests as well as the gnome environment for the GUI tests.
riafarov set TIMEOUT_SCALE to improve stability of the test.


Fails since (at least) Build 20200707

Expected result

Last good: 20200706 (or more recent)

Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: latest


#1 Updated by michel_mno 29 days ago

as per reported logs, vnc-manager listen on port 5900, while test script grep for port 5901

=== extract autoinst-log
[2020-07-08T10:08:02.161 UTC] [debug] tests/console/ called yast2_vnc::check_service_listening -> tests/console/ called testapi::script_run
[2020-07-08T10:08:02.161 UTC] [debug] <<< testapi::script_run(cmd="ss -tln | grep -E LISTEN.*:5901", quiet=undef, output="", timeout=undef)
[2020-07-08T10:08:02.161 UTC] [debug] tests/console/ called yast2_vnc::check_service_listening -> tests/console/ called testapi::script_run
[2020-07-08T10:08:02.161 UTC] [debug] <<< testapi::type_string(string="ss -tln | grep -E LISTEN.*:5901", max_interval=250, wait_screen_changes=0, wait_still_screen=0, timeout=30, similarity_level=47)
$grep -i vnc yast2_vnc-connections.txt
tcp   LISTEN 0      32 *    users:(("vncmanager",pid=11089,fd=5))
tcp   LISTEN 0      32              [::]:5900          [::]:*    users:(("vncmanager",pid=11089,fd=6))

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  • Due date set to 2020-08-11

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