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[SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] test fails in first_boot - Cannot show passwd page

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Status:ResolvedStart date:04/02/2020
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openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP2-Migration-from-SLE11-SP4-to-SLE15-SP2-x86_64-offline_sles11sp4_ltss_15sp2_pscc_all_full@64bit_cirrus fails in

Test suite description

SLES11 SP4, (Gnome), all patterns, via SCC/proxySCC


Fails since (at least) Build 104.1

Expected result

Last good: (unknown) (or more recent)

Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: latest

Related issues

Related to openQA Tests - action #63862: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] test fails in boot_to_desktop ... Resolved 26/02/2020


#1 Updated by hjluo 2 months ago

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#2 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

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this is only for SLE11-SP4, which is the newly added test scenarios, and need change code in opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader.

#3 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

After check the video we found that the RET key is not sent after boot into DM. we need handle this for sle11sp4 in the code. a fix will
come soon.

#4 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

this is the right workflow

[2020-02-03T10:46:37.122 CET] [debug] led state 0 1 1 -261
[2020-02-03T10:46:37.653 CET] [debug] >>> testapi::_handle_found_needle: found displaymanager-user-notselected-20191122, similarity 1.00 @ 340/337
[2020-02-03T10:46:37.654 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:37.654 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::assert_screen(mustmatch="displaymanager-bernhard", timeout=30)
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.602 CET] [debug] >>> testapi::_handle_found_needle: found firest-boot-displaymanager-bernhard-20191125, similarity 1.00 @ 334/334
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.602 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.602 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::assert_and_click(mustmatch="displaymanager-bernhard", timeout=30)
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.603 CET] [debug] clicking at 415/370
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.603 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.603 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::mouse_set(x=415, y=370)
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.603 CET] [debug] mouse_move 415, 370
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.604 CET] [debug] send_pointer_event 0, 415, 370, 1
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.604 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.604 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::mouse_click(button="left", cursor_down="0.15")
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.604 CET] [debug] pointer_event 1 415, 370
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.604 CET] [debug] send_pointer_event 1, 415, 370, 1
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.755 CET] [debug] pointer_event 0 415, 370
[2020-02-03T10:46:38.756 CET] [debug] send_pointer_event 0, 415, 370, 1
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.756 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.756 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::mouse_set(x=1023, y=767)
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.757 CET] [debug] mouse_move 1023, 767
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.757 CET] [debug] send_pointer_event 0, 1023, 767, 1
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.757 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.758 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::record_soft_failure(reason="bsc#1086425- user account not selected by default, have to use mouse to login")
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.758 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.758 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::assert_screen(mustmatch=[
], timeout=30)
[2020-02-03T10:46:39.850 CET] [debug] no match: 29.9s, best candidate: displaymanager-password-prompt-20191125 (0.61)
[2020-02-03T10:46:40.867 CET] [debug] >>> testapi::_handle_found_needle: found displaymanager-password-prompt-20191125, similarity 1.00 @ 340/368
[2020-02-03T10:46:40.868 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:40.869 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::type_string(string="SECRET STRING", max_interval=100, wait_screen_changes=0, wait_still_screen=0, timeout=30, similarity_level=47)
[2020-02-03T10:46:42.075 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:42.075 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::send_key(key="ret", do_wait=0, wait_screen_change=0)
[2020-02-03T10:46:42.344 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/ called opensusebasetest::wait_boot_past_bootloader
[2020-02-03T10:46:42.344 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::check_screen(mustmatch=[
], timeout=30)

#5 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

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this issue blocked the sle11sp4 pscc migration test, we need to fix it soon.

#6 Updated by okurz about 1 month ago

This is an autogenerated message for openQA integration by the openqa_review script:

This bug is still referenced in a failing openQA test: offline_sles11sp4_ltss_15sp2_pscc_sdk_def_full

To prevent further reminder comments one of the following options should be followed:
1. The test scenario is fixed by applying the bug fix to the tested product or the test is adjusted
2. The openQA job group is moved to "Released"
3. The label in the openQA scenario is removed

#7 Updated by leli about 1 month ago

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#8 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

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we need set DM_NEEDS_USERNAME=0 after migration.

#10 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

  • Related to action #63862: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] test fails in boot_to_desktop - the input is requred to be username added

#11 Updated by hjluo about 1 month ago

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PR merged.

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