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Leap 15.2 ppc64le last builds (35.1/2/3) iso not published

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Leap 15.2 ppc64le last builds (35.1/2/3) iso not published

Those 3 builds completed there openQA tests and ttm marked them as published on openQA (1) BUT there is no iso changes in related download url (2)

Could it be related to previous change made for ?

May be information available on the host that is running ttm.



#1 Updated by michel_mno about 1 month ago

problem still alive with Build 47.2 marked as Published in openQA, but no iso in d.o.o

#2 Updated by lnussel 28 days ago

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can't really handle this here. on Download.o.o everything works fine so this is OBS not pushing ppc to the "put-ports" target.

#3 Updated by okurz 28 days ago

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I guess a better way would be then to move the ticket to "openSUSE admin" for the OBS admins to help and follow up on.

#4 Updated by michel_mno 9 days ago

Could I have an answer from openSUSE admin for this ticket ?
The problem is still alive with last Leap15.2 ppc64le build 69.1
still no related iso in

#5 Updated by adrianSuSE 2 days ago

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hm, just triggering a publish has solved this it seems.

dunno why it did not worked before (if stage server is down it would get endless retried).

#6 Updated by michel_mno 2 days ago

thank you Adrian,
I will check behavior on next Publishing

#7 Updated by michel_mno about 24 hours ago

Bad news on 20200116:
the next Leap 15.2 ppc64le build 75.2, marked as published on openQA
BUT nothing related in d.o.o, either for iso or packages:;O=D;O=D

Could this issue be re-open ?

#8 Updated by cboltz about 19 hours ago

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