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keyserver1: /srv/sks nearly full

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Monitoring says that the /srv/sks partition on keyserver1 is nearly full.

The reason is probably that there are lots of /srv/sks/KDB/log.0000* files:

keyserver1 (keyserver1.o.o):/srv/sks/KDB # du -h log.000000* --total | tail -n1
78G     total

Please handle this ASAP - ideally before the partition is really full (currently only 200 MB free!), and something breaks.

I have no idea if these log files are still needed, therefore I won't touch them ;-)


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working on it.
Solution for next time.

There are two approaches:
1) (automated) Add this line to DB_CONFIG (which you are using, correct?)
2) (manual) Run these commands on idle databases (with KDB/PTree as cwd)
dbXY_recover -ev
dbXY_checkpoint -1
dbXY_archive -dv
(XY == version of Berkeley DB in use, e.g. XY=53 for db-5.3.x)

Needs to be done in the directory: /srv/sks/KDB

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fixed for now by placing DB_CONFIG file from here:

manually to /etc/sks and restarted all services

Opened a Bug as well - as I don't have time now to look into this detailed:

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