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improve lists.o.o statistics - mails per second isn't helpful

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Description shows messages per second which makes the statistics quite useless - even on the crowded opensuse mailinglist, the maximum is 0.01 ;-)

Per, can you please change the statistics to mails per hour to make them more useful? The goal is to see how many mails are posted there, not to have a peak each time one mail is sent.


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Hi Sarah

I wouldn't mind changing it, but the statistics don't actually work. AFAICT, they haven't worked since June 2015.
Stats were never implemented for all the lists either, and the stats pages were never customised. I'm guessing
maybe Henne was playing with it and never finished.

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If anyone feels inspired, feel free to have a look. I'm going to unassign myself, but I'll be happy to help with information etc.

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Let me jump in here (if stats are still needed at all?). I think it makes sense to collect them in our monitoring...

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