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Financial Transparency

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At present the financial side of the openSUSE project is opaque to the membership and larger community. While SUSE has been a great steward and sponsor of the project the lack of financial insight and tools to handle funds makes it difficult to manage given tasks within the project. For example cash that is received from donations at an event or sales of merchandise at an event cannot be transferred into an openSUSE dedicated account to be used for transactions that require non-cash based funds.
Vincent is working with SUSE and Agustin (leader of the openSUSE team at SUSE) to create a proposal that will meet the needs for financial transparency for openSUSE. The next SUSE fiscal year starts on April 1st, 2013 and it is the goal to have the basics in place by that time such that openSUSE can see how its funds are being used, and to start moving the responsabilities of creating and handling the budget over to the board. Questions that shall be answered:

  • How is SUSE sponsorship money allocated and budgeted, when is it available?
  • Is this data public or only accessible to openSUSE members?
  • What is the process of spending money?
  • How is cash the project may have from donations at the conference or sales at a conference transferred back into the account?


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Discussed at Board F2F Mar2015, will be published as part of Board Annual report.

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Hi Richard,

do you remember, that we talked about this topic at osc15 or 16? We "invis-server" have the same problem. How is openSUSE going to handle this problem?


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