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logs do not tell what is missing on 'setup failure' (was: All 42.1 to Tumbleweed updates fail to setup)

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We currently have 4 tests scheduled for 42.1 to Tumbleweed update tests:

{ZDUP,Offline(DVD}} / {gnome,kde}

All 3 tests fail to setup with a very minimal autoinst.log:

+++ worker notes +++
end time: 2016-10-30 23:36:59
result: setup failure: does not exist!
uploading autoinst-log.txt

Sadly, as even the log fails to tell what does not exist, makes it quite difficult to debug it.

Those 4 tests seem to be configured to use a disk with updates - dated 20161028-1 ; that must be rather new in the system I'd guess


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Fixed by

commit 7c3fac4
Author: Adam Williamson
Date: Tue Oct 25 23:05:24 2016 -0700

Fix worker error reporting when asset cannot be found (#963)

I introduced a problem in baac24bc by using `locate_asset` here.
Previously when the asset wasn't found, the variable (`$iso` or
whatever) would be the path where we were looking for it; now,
it's undef. So the error message won't tell us what asset it was
looking for, and additionally we get a (non-fatal) perl error
constructing the error message. So let's keep the asset filename
around for the purpose of creating the error message, and tweak
the wording a bit.

Thank you Adam :-)

DimStar if you see the problem persists please link to failing jobs. It should have updated logs which should tell more information about it what is missing exactly.

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