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Validate joining vlan at startup on s390

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This should be done after is done and feature is implemented.

How to validate:

The easy option:

  • check that the "new" menu appears
  • specify a VLAN ID when prompted, other than 0 and 1
  • verify that a new interface has been created (eg eth0.2 if main interface is eth0 and the vlan ID is 2)
  • verify that the file /proc/net/vlan/config was populated with the new interface

The more complicated one:

- All of the above, plus verify that we the NIC is effectively part of the right VLAN (manually)
- implement a multi-machine VLAN test in openQA

We should discuss which approach makes more sense, probably the simpler one, as I was told that IBM is already doing the VLAN testing, and otherwise could be more in the scope of the Desktop QA team or maybe qe-core. I discussed with Marius from Wicked project, who nicely explained me how to test this manually. Implementing an automated test is maybe overkill, at least for us YaST testers. Though it could be a good thing to have.


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